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Friday, 25 December 2015

US Dam Control Technique Revealed Iranian Muslim Hackers Attack


Muslim hackers Bowman Avenue in Rye, New York area received comprehensive information about the dam were

American journal Wall Street Journal revealed that Iranian hackers York near a dam to control computers are hacked.

In a second document, the US news agency Associated Press said the hacker who works for the state regularly make national infrastructure targets.
According to the document, very 12 times in the last decades of high-level hacker to gain access to power networks are managed.
Detailed designs:
Specialists familiar with the case told the newspaper that hackers Bowman Avenue in Rye, New York area received comprehensive knowledge about the dam were.
According to the document of the inquiry as a feasible assault on Iran and US officials have hinted that the country was warned about cyber warfare capabilities significantly.
The document added that the same group of hackers had attacked the Bowman Avenue, they were separate assaults on US financial firms were involved.
AP extensive inquiry by the US power networks regularly, the latest foreign hackers' assaults were rocked.

Security researchers working on lots of occasions it's found proof that the hackers gained access to sensitive systems.
The inquiry revealed that the objective of all assaults, including detailed information about their facilities & engineering networks was to collect maps.
Hackers an extensive campaign spanning 82 separate plants around the United States & Canada have access. When the assaults were traced their comments in the code that exposed the hand of the Iranians was behind the assaults.
Information from the assaults of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Inquiry ansuysty) warned that the energy industry is being targeted.
AP reporters Jonathan greens & tampons Burke writes that the attackers gathered facts plants to close or change their working methods were not used.
US Air Force's cyber security professional Robert Lee told the agency that the breakdown of diplomatic relations between Iran & the United States are inclined to make use of this information could be damaging.

Monday, 12 October 2015

IFA 2015: Samsung, Motorola toughen Apple Watch's competition


Samsung Gaer 2 will work on andriod

ORK: Samsung and different school corporations showcased new processed wristwatches on -- all aimed toward difficult Apple, a relative newcomer to mercantilism smartwatches.
Apple Watch was the leading smartwatch within the second quarter, with associate degree calculable four million shipped worldwide, for a market share of over seventy fifth, per Strategy Analytics. Samsung was a foreign second with four hundred,000 shipped and a seven.5% market share.
However, the market continues to be emergent, associate degreed Apple Watch is not an choice for people that use automaton smartphones.
Samsung's Gear S2 can work on automaton -- and for the primary time, not simply Samsung's automaton phones. Meanwhile, watches running Google's automaton Wear package can currently work with Apple's iPhones.
Here's a glance at however the watches compare and the way the marketplace is shaping up in light-weight of this week's developments at the IFA school show in Berlin.
Although Samsung has been creating smartwatches for regarding 2 years, its previous models have felt like miniature phones. Apps square measure conferred on the oblong screen the means they're on phones. You swipe on the screen to flip through pages of apps.
The Gear S2's interface is additional fitting for a watch. The S2 includes a circular frame that may be revolved to scroll through notifications and apps, therefore your fingers will not wear down from endless swiping. The watch itself is additionally smaller -- roughly the scale of the larger version of Apple Watch. the initial Gear S felt large around wrists.
Samsung says regarding one,000 apps ought to be out there once the S2 launches. that is promising, tho' but Apple Watch's eight,500 and automaton Wear's four,000. So far, several leading app developers have targeted on Apple Watch and automaton Wear instead, as Samsung watches use a little-known system referred to as Tizen. Samsung is holding app developers customise watch faces, therefore you'll see baseball scores from ESPN or the newest posts from Twitter.
Availability: early Oct within the US, with costs to be proclaimed. Later, Samsung can have a version with 3G cellular capabilities, which can let the watch do additional while not a companion phone near .
Requirements: in an exceedingly surprise move, Samsung is creating the S2 work with a spread of automaton smartphones, tho' some options, like setting alarms, may not work with all phones.
Several makers (but not Samsung or Apple) square measure creating smartwatches supported automaton Wear. makers will concentrate on planning the hardware, whereas holding Google worry regarding the practicality.
Consumers get alternative, while not compromising on app choice, as developers will write apps just one occasion for multiple devices.
Among the choices:
- Motorola's latest Moto 360 watches are available in 3 lines -- public convenience, women's and a premium 'Sport' version for fitness enthusiasts. Sport can have GPS intrinsical, along side a screen that may adapt to bright daylight, with high-contrast text and graphics for higher visibility in glare. combine and match sizes, bands and bodies for $300 to $430. The public convenience and women's watches can take off in late Sept. costs and unleash plans for the game version can return later.
- Huawei Watch can have luxury versions, with bodies plated with rose gold, for $699 or $799. The bodies will not be entirely fabricated from gold, as Apple Watch's Edition models square measure. however those choose $10,000 to $17,000. The Huawei Watch and also the Apple Watch each begin at $349.
- On the flip facet, Asus's new ZenWatch a pair of are notable for its worth -- beginning at 149 euros ($167) once it comes go in Oct.

15 websites of Assam govt departments hacked

GUWAHATI: the protection wall of around fifteen websites of assorted government departments, as well as Assam Police, are broken and their home pages marred by unknown hackers.

"Around 10-15 government websites are hacked and also the home pages were marred. All sites were hosted by NIC," extra Director General of Police (CID) Mukesh Sahay same.

The National information processing Centre (NIC) was presently conducting a technical inquiry into the breach because it could also be as a result of varied reasons, he said.

"If the technical report points out at any criminal activity into the incident, then we are going to register a criminal case and enquire it consequently. we have a tendency to square measure nonetheless to receive the report," Sahay same.

The NIC has not lodged any official criticism nonetheless with the police and was repairing the websites presently to plug the protection issue, he added.

When asked concerning reports that Pakistani hackers may have brought down the sites, Sahay said, "Cyber area is with none boundary. A hacker could also be in one country, however his server could also be in another country. So, it's terribly troublesome to mention concerning the origin while not the technical investigation. we are going to be able to tell it solely once the NIC report."

Some of the necessary sites that were hit in recent days were of the Assam Police, Sarba Siksha Abhijan Mission and board of teaching.
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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Phones on Drones all set to Hack Wireless Printers


if you think, your office is secured because it âs on the top floor of a skyscraper building, then you may require to rethink as in this day & age, much nothing is unhackable not even office printers locked at the top floor.

The researchers used 2 applications that they developed:

Yes! A group of security researchers from Singapore has built a drone that along with a smartphone & custom applications can be used to automatically steal documents from printers with open Wi-Fi connections. The know-how was developed by researchers from iTrust, a cyber security research middle at the Singapore University of Know-how & Design.
The researchers used a standard drone from a Chinese firm, DJI & used it to move a Samsung Smartphone to an area where a wireless network with wireless printer was located.

▬The 1st app establishes a imitative access purpose once the open wireless printer is detected.  The access purpose mimics the printer and tricks computers within the internal wireless network to send sensitive documents thereto.

▬The second app is Cyber security Patrol, that is meant to scan the air sorting out open Wi-Fi printers and mechanically apprize the organization’s IT department. This app has been designed to boost the safety of the target organization. it's for unsecured printers within the target organization accessible via the drone, however rather launching the attack, it took photos of the compromised printers and reports it to the inner workers.

Once a document is intercepted, the app will send it to associate attacker’s Dropbox account exploitation the phone’s 3G or 4G association, and additionally send it on to the important printer thus a victim wouldn’t notice the hack.

The attack zone is proscribed to twenty six meters in radius. however with dedicated hardware, Associate in Nursing wrongdoer may generate a stronger signal which might extend that vary more. Any pc within the attack zone can value more highly to hook up with the pretend printer over the $64000 one, albeit the $64000 printer is nearer in proximity to the scalawag one.

A drone hovering outside Associate in Nursing office block would be clearly noticed, however the goal of the project supposed to assist firms so they might be educated however simply accessible Wi-fi printers will be which might be taken by hackers to steal knowledge or get into their networks.

The project was a part of a government-sponsored cyber security defense project.

Student researchers Jinghui Toh and Hatib Muhammad developed the tactic below the steerage of prof Yuval Elovici of Department of data Systems Engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the desert.

The system targets wireless printers as a result of wireless printers square measure equipped the Wi-Fi association open by default, and plenty of firms forget to shut this hole after they add the device to their Wi-Fi networks. This open association probably provides Associate in Nursing access purpose for outsiders to attach to a network and steal a company’s sensitive knowledge.

The researchers additionally incontestible that the attack may even be applied by concealing a wireless telephone within Associate in Nursing autonomous vaccum cleaner, once that the device can unceasingly scan for organisation’s networks for printers with unsecured connections.

The project conducted by the researchers incontestible yet again the shut link between physical and logical security.

Any person will merely install the Cybersecurity Patrol app on a smartphone and fasten it to a drone to and send it upwards. although identical methodology will be utilized by organizations to ascertain for unsecured printers and alternative wireless devices.

It’s true that each invention and development comes with each professionals and cons however if the cons have larger risk, then it’s time to approach physical security during a completely different means.

Monday, 21 September 2015



Nmap is an abbreviation of 'Network Mapper', as is a widely known free open source hackers tool. Nmap is used for network discovery and security auditing. Plenty of process admins use nmap for network stock, open ports, managing service upgrade schedules, and monitoring host or service uptime. The tool makes use of raw IP packets in creative ways to decide what hosts are obtainable on the network, what services (application name and version) those hosts are offering, what operating systems (and OS versions and feasible patches) and what type and version of packet filters/ firewalls are being used by the target.

Nmap is a popular hacking tool that was originally created to act as a process of having the ability to scan giant networks, but it works absolutely fine o single hosts (targets). Nmap works on all major computer operating systems, and official binary packages are obtainable for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Nmap was historically a command-line tool, but there is a GUI obtainable called 'Zenmap'.

The face of hacking is changing – and it's getting uglier

Cyberattacks from Russia have increased because of sanctions related to the Ukraine while assaults from Iran have dropped over recent months, thanks to the recent Iran nuclear deal.

David DeWalt, FireEye chief exec, said these changes show how the diplomatic landscape affects what is happening in cyberspace although the general trend is towards increased assaults. From tracking 50 or so offensive hacker groups years ago, FireEye is now monitoring 350 groups who are busy â stealing, disrupting & spying, according to DeWalt.

State-backed hackers in Russia work closely with cybercrime elements, such as the remnants of the infamous Russian Business Network, & have been been active in targeting US retailers such as Target as well as equity & hedge money over the last years or so.

Assaults targeting credentials & log-in details, as well as assaults targeting supply chains than targeted organisations directly, are becoming more commonplace. Energy, government & aerospace are the industry verticals most on the front line but most industry sectors are affected to a lesser or greater extent, according to FireEye.

The security firm estimates that the median time for firms to detect assaults is 205 days, or around seven months. It takes around a month (32 days) to reply to assaults. DeWalt said major breaches such as eBay, Adobe &, more recently, the US governmentâs Office of Personnel Management leak are making the security situation worse.

In particular, FireEye has seen information harvested from a recent breach of the Sabre airline reservation process abused in follow-up assaults.

Stolen IDs & program vulnerabilities are hackersâ  main tricks. The were brought together over recent months in successful assaults that planted backdoored operating systems onto Cisco routers. These assaults were carried off remotely & used to redirect packets, according to DeWalt.

â Credential stealing or using credentials to carryover out further assaults is the arms race weâre in with attackers,â DeWalt told El Reg, & ID dumps generate â huge issues downstream,â they added.

El Reg caught up with DeWalt in the coursework of a FireEye briefing to regional press in Madrid. From being an also-ran years back, France has become the third largest target of APTs â advanced persistent threats â in the EMEA region over recent months. Israel (the largest target) & Saudi Arabia are both more attacked than organisations in France & the United Kingdom, according to FireEyeâs stats. The reason for Spainâs prominence is nât clear, even to FireEyeâs promotion team. ®

Fiat Chrysler recalls 8,000 more Jeeps over wireless hacking


 ‘No defect has been found. FCA US is conducting this campaign out of an abundance of caution.’ Photograph: Charles Krupa/AP

The recall affects the variants of the 2015 model of the FCAâs Jeep Renegade sports utility vehicle with a 6.5-inch touchscreen, over half of which FCA says are still in dealer hands.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has recalled an additional 7,810 Jeeps affected by a widely reported bug that allows an attacker to wirelessly seize control of the vehicle.

FCA US has already applied measures to prevent the type of vehicle alteration demonstrated in a recent media document. These measures which necessary no customer or dealer actions block remote access to definite vehicle systems.

In a statement, the automobile firm said: â the campaign â which involves radios that differ from those implicated in another, similar recall â is designed to protect connected vehicles from remote alteration. If unauthorised, such interference constitutes a criminal act.

The Guardian view on automobile computer hacking: act now
Article: Automobile computer hackers have exposed how fragile network security is on lots of of the devices they rely on. They must cease the net of things turning from lovely to harm
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The company tried to ameliorate concerns, saying the program alteration addressed by this recall necessary distinctive & extensive technical knowledge, extended physical access to a subject vehicle & extended periods of time to write code.

The company is unaware of any injuries related to program exploitation, nor is it aware of any related complaints, warranty claims or accidents ân independent of the media demonstration.

â No defect has been found. FCA US is conducting this campaign out of an abundance of caution.

The latest recall, announced on the Friday before a three-day Labor Day weekend in The united states, is significantly smaller than the one.4 million automobile recall following the release of the security vulnerability.