Friday, 25 December 2015

US Dam Control Technique Revealed Iranian Muslim Hackers Attack

Muslim hackers Bowman Avenue in Rye, New York area received comprehensive information about the dam were

American journal Wall Street Journal revealed that Iranian hackers York near a dam to control computers are hacked.

In a second document, the US news agency Associated Press said the hacker who works for the state regularly make national infrastructure targets.
According to the document, very 12 times in the last decades of high-level hacker to gain access to power networks are managed.
Detailed designs:
Specialists familiar with the case told the newspaper that hackers Bowman Avenue in Rye, New York area received comprehensive knowledge about the dam were.
According to the document of the inquiry as a feasible assault on Iran and US officials have hinted that the country was warned about cyber warfare capabilities significantly.
The document added that the same group of hackers had attacked the Bowman Avenue, they were separate assaults on US financial firms were involved.
AP extensive inquiry by the US power networks regularly, the latest foreign hackers' assaults were rocked.

Security researchers working on lots of occasions it's found proof that the hackers gained access to sensitive systems.
The inquiry revealed that the objective of all assaults, including detailed information about their facilities & engineering networks was to collect maps.
Hackers an extensive campaign spanning 82 separate plants around the United States & Canada have access. When the assaults were traced their comments in the code that exposed the hand of the Iranians was behind the assaults.
Information from the assaults of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Inquiry ansuysty) warned that the energy industry is being targeted.
AP reporters Jonathan greens & tampons Burke writes that the attackers gathered facts plants to close or change their working methods were not used.
US Air Force's cyber security professional Robert Lee told the agency that the breakdown of diplomatic relations between Iran & the United States are inclined to make use of this information could be damaging.

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