Monday, 12 October 2015

15 websites of Assam govt departments hacked

GUWAHATI: the protection wall of around fifteen websites of assorted government departments, as well as Assam Police, are broken and their home pages marred by unknown hackers.

"Around 10-15 government websites are hacked and also the home pages were marred. All sites were hosted by NIC," extra Director General of Police (CID) Mukesh Sahay same.

The National information processing Centre (NIC) was presently conducting a technical inquiry into the breach because it could also be as a result of varied reasons, he said.

"If the technical report points out at any criminal activity into the incident, then we are going to register a criminal case and enquire it consequently. we have a tendency to square measure nonetheless to receive the report," Sahay same.

The NIC has not lodged any official criticism nonetheless with the police and was repairing the websites presently to plug the protection issue, he added.

When asked concerning reports that Pakistani hackers may have brought down the sites, Sahay said, "Cyber area is with none boundary. A hacker could also be in one country, however his server could also be in another country. So, it's terribly troublesome to mention concerning the origin while not the technical investigation. we are going to be able to tell it solely once the NIC report."

Some of the necessary sites that were hit in recent days were of the Assam Police, Sarba Siksha Abhijan Mission and board of teaching.
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