Saturday, 28 June 2014

Facebook Hacking Method

We have discussed alot about popular password cracking methods such as Bruteforce, Dictionary attack and Rainbow tables. However a question I get asked frequently is if it's possible to crack a Facebook account. So I wish to clear concepts related to Hacking/Cracking Facebook accounts. First of all "Hacking a Facebook account" and "Cracking a facebook account" are both different terminologies.Hacking a facebook account refers to foolproof methods such as Phishing, keylogging, Social engineering etc.However the terminology cracking refers to the methods such as Bruteforce, Dictionary attacks etc.
1:Brute Force Attacks 
2:Dictionary Attacks
3:Cracking Facebook Accounts
4:Hack A Facebook Account By Exploiting Facebook's Trusted Friend Feature 
6:Hijacking Facebook Fan Pages 
7:Hack Facebook Account Status - Facebook Status Vulnerability
8:Facebook phishing
10:Session Hijacking
11:Sidejacking With Firesheep
12:DNS Spoofing
13:USB Hacking 
14:Man In the Middle Attacks
16:Movable Mobile Hacking

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